Meeting Notes: Sept 16, 2017

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Everyone needs to renew their USFA membership. Officers need +CheckEd (background check) and safe sport training.

Eva (Director of PR): Social Media posts and posters for upcoming October and November tournaments are completed and scheduled. T-shirts are good to be sold. Monthly newsletter is out today! 76 people received the email.

Steph (Member-at-Large): Picked up the Tony Staples trophies but last year’s winners were engraved with this year’s year. So those will need to be corrected but shouldn’t cost too much. Have the money bag and t-shirt posters for Tony Staples. Contacted the USFA; they can’t provide insurance for a brewery event but will ask USFA about leads on insurance for non-sanctioned events. I have contact information for Blackstack.

Mary (Member-at-Large): Printing off current email list and will use tomorrow morning at tournament to try and get more emails. Will also try to match names to emails that do not have a name attached. Will reach out to Rebecca with the hotel and have a discussion about what affiliated hotels mean for us. Action item: get minutes typed up from last meeting.

Colin (President): New-to-us grounded strip is in his garage, sittin there, lookin pretty. There are 2 stacks of 17 panels each. Each stack is 42” x 60” x 17” (WLH) 3.5’ x 5’ x 1.5’. One stack: 2’ x 5’ x 3’ (would fit in the closet at TCFC, but would need deep clean). Look at getting climate controlled storage unit for some Division items.

Brianna (Vice President): Stephanie and Brianna had a meeting on how to setup/run tournaments. Stephanie will be hiring Referees and Bout Committee and running the Great Moose. Brianna will be at the high school meeting in the morning but at the Moose in the afternoon. Tony Staples is basically set-up and ready to go. Refs + BC ready for the youth tournament. U of M has Gopher Open schedule but having issues w/askFRED.

Lena (Treasurer): Steph + Lena put together a crib sheet for new competitors. Financial update for this year’s budget is available to view to the board.

Andrew (Secretary): Working on officer report form and will send Mary and Stephanie an email with information needed by the USFA.


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