Board Meeting Notes: Jan 13, 2019

Medals More purchased. All non-MN Open tournaments have their medals purchased through end of season Blog Posts Lena and Andrew both owe Eva a blog post Finance Updates: Grey Fox: JO Qualifier: Chris Brown (estimates): Overall finances (Excluding Chris Brown): Ref BYOF Ref Clinic Documentation Update Blackstack Brewery Fundraiser Additional Fundraising Next Meeting: Blog Posts Division Strip Next Meeting

Board Meeting Notes: Dec 2, 2018

Secretary of State Non Profit Renewal Blackstack tournament fundraiser Bank Account: Meeting Notes from Previous Meeting Finance/Tournament Update Social Media/Website Update: Referee Clinic Update Bring your own Fencer Update Upcoming Tournaments Division Transitions Blog Posts Division Strip Next Meeting

Board Meeting Notes: Oct 21, 2018

Tournament Update(s) Youth Finances: Valkyrie (larger than last year) finance update: Finance Summary 3rd Party Social Media Guidelines Secretary of State Update BYOF: Blog Posts Update: –          Stephanie owes Eva a blog post. Will take care of today. Eva will post later this week –          After Stephanie’s, Lena will create a blog post (finance) NAC Meeting –          USFA might try …

Meet the Board

I’m Colin and this is my third year as the president of the Minnesota Fencing Division. I started fencing in Lincoln Nebraska when I was 12. My elementary school teacher was a fencer and he brought his gear to school for a couple weeks and showed us fencing at recess, picking some of us to spar with.  I was never picked but …

Tournament Scheduling Part 2: Individual tournaments

Hello and welcome back to the second part of organizing the tournament schedule! In this post, I’ll talk about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a tournament. How far out I hire referees, when I ask for bout committee volunteers, and tournament day work. Hint, if you missed part one, go here! Three to four weeks out I …

Board Meeting Notes: Sept 23,2018

Budget Tony Staples Athos Tournament Bring Your Own Fencer ref practices Ref Clinic Tournament Result Posting Banners/Posters/Printing Blog Posts Secretary of State Minute Approval Division Closet Cleaning Party Next Meeting: October 21st at 2 PM. Location TBD.

Tournament Planning Part 1: Yearly Schedule

Lastly, I upload the tournaments to Again, it’s not hard, just time consuming. Fortunately, Brianna is a kind, wonderful person and added me as a tournament organizer to all of last year’s tournaments. askFred will let you clone a tournament, so I cloned all of last year’s tournaments and updated the information to include relevant rule changes, close of …

D’Artagnan Discount for Youth Musketeer Challenge

Have a fencer competing in y10, y12, or y14 tournaments this year? You’re in luck! The Minnesota Division is offering a brand new package deal for all three Youth Musketeer Challenge tournaments hosted throughout the year. The D’Artagnan Discount Package offers the FIRST event (one weapon) for all three tournaments for $50.  With tournament fees normally $20 each, this offers …

Meeting Notes- March 16, 2018

Meeting notes from March 16, 2018 division meeting. Agenda included discussion of merging the HS fencing Association with the Division, current finances, the Shante Benford Tournament, renting a storage locker for the grounded strip, and the upcoming elections.

Meeting Notes 10/28/17

Brewery Tournament
-Blackstack brewery fundraiser (21+)
-Lena and Steph meeting with event manager on Sat, Nov 4th to determine space and guidelines