About Us

Minnesota Division Fencing operates under the United States Fencing Association (USFA) to bring the distinguished sport of fencing to the land of 10,000 lakes. Our board, our members, and our community work together to encourage participation in the sport of fencing throughout Minnesota, aid in the communication between MN fencers and the national body, and provide enriching training and competitive opportunities to fencers across the state.

Our Comunity

The Minnesota fencing community is made up of a vibrant mix of parents, kids, coaches, referees, and fencers of all ages. With a handfull different clubs scattered across the area, Minnesota offers a rich learning opportunity to everyone- from those who have never set foot on a strip, to nationally competitive athletes. Minnesota fencing boasts a genuinely welcoming attitude, filled with energy, healthy competition, and sportsmanship.

MN Clubs

Twin Cities





Board Members

Colin McChesney


Brianna Smith

Vice President

Andrew Kirchman


Lena Cicha


Mary Bujold


Stephanie Athow


Eva Dixon

PR Director

Kathleen Datta

Legacy Member