Board Meeting Notes: Jan 13, 2019


More purchased. All non-MN Open tournaments have their medals purchased through end of season

Blog Posts

Lena and Andrew both owe Eva a blog post

Finance Updates:

Grey Fox:

  • $155 income,
  • $25 for ref food,
  • $60 for ref labor

JO Qualifier:

  • $780 income,
  • $221 ref labor,
  • $54 ref food
  • Note: Might owe one person their fees (due to error in fee reimbursement for auto-qualifiers)

Chris Brown (estimates):

  • $1610 for fees,
  • $35 dollars for ref mileage,
  • $115 for ref hotel,
  • $400 for ref labor,
  • $650 for venue.
  • The ref mileage/hotel comes from hiring out-of-state ref for both SPA Invitational and Chris Brown (and splitting costs with SPA)

Overall finances (Excluding Chris Brown):

  • Income: $4478
  • Expenses: $4378


  • Email out to refs in MN Division
  • Low response: 2 head refs, 1 response from referee who wants to practice
  • Will be held at TCFC on Friday, Jan 18th from 7-9 PM
  • Need to check on TCFC access- preferably Sasha (if he has keys) but possibly Colin or Azaline
  • One fencer (Eric) is RSVP’d
  • Format:
    • 1-2 strips going (dependent on turnout)
    • Rotate fencers and refs as needed
    • Refs to determine what they’d like to discuss/receive feedback on

Ref Clinic

  • One thought: see if we could solicit donations/sponsorship to help pay for referee expenses
  • Waiting on availability from Justin Meehan and Adam Brewer
  • Sean Shumate is interested in doing a clinic
    • Challenge: need for wheelchair accessible location (possibly Lena’s location)
    • Tyler will contact

Documentation Update

  • Tournaments folder created
    • Hiring of refs and bout committee
    • Schedule of tournament
    • How to run tournament
    • Bout Committee ‘Day of’ tournament documentation
    • Action item: Stephanie requests that the rest of the board review the documentation for any errors

Blackstack Brewery Fundraiser

  • Have had some difficulty in getting responses from Blackstack
    • Sounds like Alanna has had some luck in getting response from the owner (Scott), so Jon will follow up with her
  • If doesn’t work at Blackstack, several other possibilities to look at:
    • Tattersall, Insight, Lakes and Legends, Fantasy Flight (non-brewery)
  • For swag, Eva will look into water bottles/pint glasses/other options besides t-shirts, as we have a hard time selling t-shirts and such
  • Dates: looking at March 10th or 24th as these do not conflict with NACs, local tournaments AND sufficient lead time to market
  • Possibly track tokens (or determine $ of beer sold last year) to help sell our event to alternative locations

Additional Fundraising

  • Booster club- suggested by one of the parents
  • Kid-oriented fundraiser tournament?
  • Kids lockin at CBA
    • Been held in the past (when MSC)
    • Tyler will follow up on. Tentative date would be post-school getting out
    • Want to discuss more at next meeting

Next Meeting:

  • February 13th at 8 PM at CBA
  • Agenda items:
    • Blackstack
    • Finance update
    • Referee BYOF review
    • Ref clinic update
    • Kids lockin

Blog Posts

  • Lena in progress of creating blog for December’s newsletter
  • Andrew will create post about secretarial work for January
  • Future blog post: why we only have one strip (a day in the life of the strip, why our strip is so lonely)

Division Strip

  • We will loan our grounded strip to SPA for the Invitational Jan 12th and we will borrow their strip for the Chris Brown the next day. Colin will coordinate transportation

Next Meeting

  • Jan 13th at 7 PM at  Lucky’s 13. Same day as Chris Brown

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