Board Meeting Notes: Dec 2, 2018

Secretary of State Non Profit Renewal

  • Done
  • Stephanie is now listed on bank account instead of Brianna

Blackstack tournament fundraiser

  • Waiting to hear back from Blackstack

Bank Account:

  • Will get additional debit card for Stephanie. Otherwise we’d have to share Lena’s login info (which would include SSN info) with Stephanie in order for her to get access

Meeting Notes from Previous Meeting

  • No changes needed

Finance/Tournament Update

  • Great Moose: $1175 in income. $562 for referee pay. $65 dollars for food. Yet to receive invoice from venue

  • Overall: Income is $3543. Expenses $3485. These numbers include the cost of the new Division banners but exclude the venue cost for the Great Moose

  • Haven’t received 2018-2019 membership reimbursement from USFA yet. Expect that we will receive it at end of next year.

  • New potential expense: MS Office. Initial estimates is $150, but need further investigation

Social Media/Website Update:

  • Our website currently uses HTTP, not HTTPS. Expense to upgrade is $75 per year. We want to do this upgrade but will revisit at our next meeting (which will be post Chris Brown) as we want to make sure that we can afford this.
  1. We do not collect any information other than name/email. Credit card info is handled via PayPal
  2. Concern is that Google (and other search providerS) would start downgrading our website in search results if we are not HTTPS

  • Anna Schliep will be helping us out with social media in the new year. Eva will work with her. It will largely be posting tournament reminders and uploading photos and such.

Referee Clinic Update

  • Nothing scheduled yet.
  • Tyler will contact Adam Brewer and Justin Meehan in regards to when they’d be available to run a ref clinic.
  • Approximate ref clinic time will be February/March dependent on availability

Bring your own Fencer Update

  • Looking January 18th or 25th

Upcoming Tournaments

  • Chris Brown needs its posters printed and posted at clubs
  • Junior Olympic Qualifiers is upcoming next weekend
  • Tournament schedule business cards are big hit, want to do next year
  • Want to do more work with publicizing tournaments to improve attendance
    • Colin will be leading efforts to get together a contact list for other clubs (in Wisconsin/Iowa/Nebraska) to try to get more traveling tournaments lined up

Division Transitions

  • Lena will create finance best practice document
  • Stephanie will create tournament organization best practice document
  • Goal of these documents will be to aid in transitions to new division officers

Blog Posts

  • Lena in progress of creating blog for December’s newsletter
  • Andrew will create post about secretarial work for January
  • Future blog post: why we only have one strip (a day in the life of the strip, why our strip is so lonely)

Division Strip

  • We will loan our grounded strip to SPA for the Invitational Jan 12th and we will borrow their strip for the Chris Brown the next day. Colin will coordinate transportation

Next Meeting

  • Jan 13th at 7 PM at  Lucky’s 13. Same day as Chris Brown

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