Board Meeting Notes: Oct 21, 2018

Tournament Update(s)

Youth Finances:

  • Sold 2 youth packages for $100
  • $260 in entrance fees for youth tournament. Last year was 2x that. Stephanie mentioned that we had of youth fencers age out without replacement
  • $45 for ref cost, 52 for food

Valkyrie (larger than last year) finance update:

  • $415 in entrance fees
  • Refs: $165, food: approx. $60

Finance Summary

  • Tournament fees: $1800. Some additional income
  • Currently $85 net income. This figure includes the additional expense of ordering banners

3rd Party Social Media Guidelines

  • Limits to posting reminders of tournaments, tournaments within 500 miles of Minneapolis
  • Posting link to results of tournaments and maybe some photos. Limits to MN Division tournament results We do NOT tag people in photos. Nor will details of results be listed
  • Content like live tournament update posts/external 3rd party content would be limited to Eva
  • Content guidelines in terms of language, etc, are also included
  • First several posts will be reviewed and posted by Eva. Once looks good to her, will let post unsupervised (probably within a month of first posting)
  • Eva knows a few people who might be interested in helping with this and will contact

Secretary of State Update

  • Need to pay account online. Colin submitted info,  will hear back hopefully Monday


  • Sasha and Will have both agreed to head ref event
  • First one sabre, Sasha will run the sabre one. To be held at TCFC
  • Jon will contact Ro and setup date
  • Following discussion regarding details:
    • Will do a one-fencer per referee request. We don’t expect to have too many referees/fencers to manage
    • Focus will be on referees previously hired for events and who have gone through training. If referees outside this reach out to the Board we’ll work with in terms of trying to get scheduled
    • 2 or 3 hours long
    • First Event will be sabre:
      • Sasha will adjudicate
      • Date: November 30th. Jon will reach out to Ro to schedule at TCFC. Time to start will be 7 PM

Blog Posts Update:

-          Stephanie owes Eva a blog post. Will take care of today. Eva will post later this week

-          After Stephanie’s, Lena will create a blog post (finance)

NAC Meeting

  • Tyler is not present, but posted notes and Stephanie discussed with him, so:
    • Division funds: don’t mix personal and Division funds
    • Ensure multiple account owners
    • If we don’t submit finances/membership form they won’t give us membership dividends

  • For Division turnover:
    • Physical materials explaining Division processes to hand off to next set of Board members
    • These training materials are in progress by Stephanie and Lena
    • One suggestion from Stephanie: put usernames/pwds in a safe place to share with other board members. Similar with bank account (Lena will setup login for Stephanie)

  • Safesport will have incoming changes
    • Likely more inclusive
    • Possibly clubs and stuff will get pulled into Safesport screening

  • Possible sportsmanship rules clarifications incoming
    • Guess is that more enforcement of yelling at refs will be emphasized
  • Rule enforcement at local level
    • Likely focus on shoulder turning, sportsmanship,
    • We will try to emphasize this at our BYOFs clinics

-          USFA might try to offer options to try to improve local-level refereeing (recognizing that not all Divisions have this knowledge/resources). Likely one ref. designated for a given region. MN is Region 2

Ref clinic

  • Need to know when
  • Propose: Tyler contact Rylan with dates of Chris Brown and SPA Invitational and see if he’s available. Figure out from there
  • This ref looks like he’s a 5 in sabre, 2 in foil, and 4 in epee. Justin Meehan is a 3 in sabre and Adam Brewer is a 2 in sabre. Will reach out to those two and see the cost of bringing them in. Need to determine flight cost for these two (Justin is out of Oregon and Adam is in the Boston area). Lena will look into flight costs. Figure out where’s cheapest and then contact them

Division closet cleanup

  • Re-organized and re-arranged. All tournament materials are moved to be closer to the door, with materials that are needed less frequently have been shoved to the back
  • Need to fix a few reels but will then have 7 strips
  • Don’t need further bins. We have enough existing ones. Found additional first aid kits
  • We do need a new shelf. Colin will price out and provide info to Lena. Colin might be able to get one through his workplace


  • Alanna/Jon will help do Blackstack organization so that Stephanie doesn’t have to try to organize that AND the regular tournament schedule

Next Meeting:

December 2nd after the Grey Fox.  3 PM at TCFC

Things to discuss:

-          BYOF update from Nov 30th

-          Finance update (we have the Great Moose, which is the only tournament in between now and then)

-          Flight costs for ref clinic

-          Secretary of State update- *should* be done

-          Blackstack tournament update

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