Board Meeting Notes: Sept 23,2018


  • Posted to Division Slack. Board members please review details
  • Expenses based on 3 tournaments at Roseville, 1 at Bloomington
  • Estimated expenses based on last years. Additional expense this year for web hosting
  • Due to delays in last year’s membership reimbursement, that will be included in the 2018-2019 budget and not 2017-2018 budget
  • Lowered expected donations relative to last year’s actual, as we received a substantial donation from Frazzini last year and do not expect a similar-sized donation this year. Want to pursue more donations this year
  • Ref costs are the same
  • Medal costs need verification from Stephanie
  • No equipment costs included, as none are currently anticipated
  • We renewed fencing time, so the cost for that is included
  • Estimated tournament income is slightly lower than last year’s actuals

Tony Staples

  • Income: 1115
  • Expense: 350 for referee (lower than avg. due to smaller event plus 68 dollars for food plus approximately 920 dollars for venue. We left venue earlier than planned, so venue cost might decrease

Athos Tournament

  • 2 D’artagnan passes sold at Athos Tournament today (youth tournament discount voucher program)
  • Went smoothly although low turnout
    • Might be due to students aging out
    • Early in season?
    • Possible conflict in attendance with Tony Staples being last week
    • Do we have contact info for parents of youth fencers?

Bring Your Own Fencer ref practices

  • Jon brought outline of plan
    • Every other month (agreed to by board)
    • Friday nights (Agreed)
    • Each session devoted to one weapon (Agreed)
    • Have 5 touch bouts, 15 optional if refs request (agreed)
    • Have highest local ref in that weapon be chief mentor/provide feedback
    • Need to identify top refs
    • Incentivize attendance by fencers and refs:
      • Possibly preferable hiring for refs who attend this event
      • For fencers, after much discussion by board, it was decided to have a raffle for fencers who are in attendance. Raffle prize TBD
  • Possibly live stream event?
  • Jon will contact TCFC for scheduling in October
  • Action items:
    • Steph will provide top referee list to Jon
    • Board wants emphasis on enforcing sportsmanship. Bout scoring/right of way, etc points of emphasis will be determined by the head ref for that event

Ref Clinic

  • Want to bring in a different ref than past for additional perspective
  • Would like a ref with a strong sabre background, as there is the most potential for improvement in the Division for sabre referees
  • Lena will send ref contact info to Tyler. Tyler will follow up
  • Plan is:
    • Identify the ref we want to hire
    • Determine their availability
    • Find time, first preference for being inbetween Thanksgiving and Christmas

Tournament Result Posting

  • We will announce when our results are posted on askFred
  • Will not post results of MN Division fencers who competed elsewhere. There’s a risk of excluding a local fencer


  • Estimated cost of banner is 100 (if on sale)
  • Potentially 2 registration banners plus additional photo op banner for finalists
  • We’ll budget 300 dollars for banners and determine exact needs later
  • Eva will mock up designs and provide banner options for the next meeting
  • Business cards with our tournament schedule are printed. Stephanie will bring some to CBA and give some to Colin to be at TCFC
  • Approximately 20 ‘Tournament 101’ flyers remain. Ten will go to CBA and ten will go to TCFC
    • This will also be posted on the Division website
  • We will need to create flyers for our BYOF Ref Practica Series as well as the Ref Clinic. To a certain extent these are on-hold until we have those dates nailed down
  • Stephanie will print Great Moose and Valkyrie posters using Division printer
  • Longer term we want to look at other printing options other than Fedex/Kinko’s to reduce our costs

Blog Posts

  • One more is in-progress from Stephanie
  • Lena will write one after that
  • We want to continue doing blog posts but the exact frequency and structure will depend on feedback, and if they are unread we might cancel them
  • Eva will work on drafting some Social Media Guidelines and we will look at having volunteers helping us post social media, although we don’t anticipate them doing blog posts at this time

Secretary of State

  • Colin still needs to do
  • Colin’s been given a deadline of October 12th to complete this

Minute Approval

  • Decided the process will be to open them for approval until 1 week post-meeting
  • Will use a Slack poll for Board approval. Once approved we can post and notify Division via social media

Division Closet Cleaning Party

  • Need to reorganize and repackage strips
  • Several containers are broken. Colin believes we have enough spares to replace them without purchasing new ones
  • Possibly need a new shelf. CBA is getting rid of several- Colin and Tyler will look at and determine if they would be suitable for the Division
  • Would like to label different areas of the closet to make it easier to store and find things
  • Stephanie and Colin will meet on Friday, September 28th and clean the closet out. Anyone else who is free to help is welcome to join in

Next Meeting: October 21st at 2 PM. Location TBD.

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