D’Artagnan Discount for Youth Musketeer Challenge

Have a fencer competing in y10, y12, or y14 tournaments this year? You're in luck!

The Minnesota Division is offering a brand new package deal for all three Youth Musketeer Challenge tournaments hosted throughout the year.

Included Tournaments

Athos Youth Challenge
September 23. 2018

Porthos Youth Challenge
January 27, 2018

Aramis Youth Challenge
May 5, 2018

The D'Artagnan Discount Package offers the FIRST event (one weapon) for all three tournaments for $50.  With tournament fees normally $20 each, this offers a buy 2, Get 1 half off discount.

Important Details:

- Offer only applies to the three Youth Tournaments, no other division tournaments.

- D'Artagnan Discount only applies to 1 event per fencer per tournament. All secondary events must be purchased at regular cost

- All fencers must be PRE-REGISTERED through AskFred to use the discount pass. If a fencer shows up without having pre-register the $5 last minute entry penalty still applies.

- For the 2018-2019 season Y10 includes birth years 2008-2011, Y12 includes 2006-2009, and Y14 includes 2004-2007.

Packages can be purchased

In Person at the Athos Youth Challenge Tournament
(just remember to pre-register)


Online Through the Link Below

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