Meeting Notes- March 16, 2018

HS State Association

Topic Proposed by Coach Buck

Currently, Rich Jacobson is the treasurer and the HS Assoc. Bank account is in his name. Buck is proposing we merge the division and the HS assoc at least for financial reasons.


  • Assoc sends out money for different grant programs and such
  • Low transactions
  • Merge with MN Open (possibly sub committee). Combine resources

Board Comments and Questions:

  • Brianna: current links between orgs are informal, not formal. When Brianna leaves one of these links disappears
  • Lena: what about coaches insurance? How would they be incorporated legally?
  • Bylaw changes- If this merge occurs, what is required from each entity, how is it structured, etc

Action Items

  • Mary will investigate regarding how other groups do it (1 month for research
  • Eva will draw up some rough drafts of agreements
  • Lena will look into bank side of things
  • Brianna will tell Buck that we need time to do some research, determine bylaws (and vote on said bylaws), we will have an established contract and we will provide updates as we have them. Also Brianna will tell Buck that he should investigate non-profitizing the HS associati


State of the Division

  • Currently positive income to expense by $100
  • Closer than last year, but we had better knowledge and therefore a tighter budget
  • Unexpected income:
    • Backstab Blackstab, money from Ron Frazzini for referee clinic,
  • Unexpected costs:
    • referee costs higher (due to change to hourly pay scale instead of daily). Bigger/longer events at Roseville resulting in higher paychecks.

MN Division

  • Approximately 1500 dollars short in order to do everything we want for the MN Open
  • Due to how we purchased t-shirts (all up front) we need to sell ~25-30 shirts more to break even


  • 75 medals =450
  • 150 = 673 dollars (so cheaper over two years)

Benford Tournament

  • All of clinic proceeds will go to Benford. Tournament will go to Division. Clinic participants have their tournament waive their fees (hence the Division’s fundraising is from this) Max revenue lost would be up to 700 dollars
  • Lower expected profit do to the fundraising/donation aspect of this tournament
  • TCFC/Division handling
    • TCFC has proposed the Division handle all the money for the clinic and the tournament as TCFC is a business and would show up as a income if they took it and complicates things.
    • There are concerns about how paperwork and such lines up with donating to the Benford family (or fund they have). if checks are written to MN Division than it becomes messy (especially if mixed with TCFC checks).
    • The Division has previously thought TCFC would handle any cashflow from the clinic
    • Lena will hold on to checks and such and not deposit until we have a plan for how to handle this
  • Division voted to waive the tournament fees for Benford family members

Storage Locker

  • Division (Colin) has looked into the viability of renting a storage locker for the grounded strip
  • Currently stored in Colin’s basement in the boonies
  • Storage unit on University/280 - wider space range. 4x6 for 42/month. Acorn is climate controlled. This one isn’t. If just storing strip that’s fine. 6 months you get 5%, 12 month you get 8%
  • Concern from the division about transporting the strip to venues. Currently very challenging because Colin lives so far from a venue. Will it still be a challenge to get volunteers with a truck?

Armory Clinic with Colin

  • Stephanie will pester Colin about armoring
  • Jon Doolittle (will be new armorer at CBA) could possibly. Dan Murphy might also
  • Stephanie suggests possibly having schedule and then open hour at end
  • CBA has some tables. Might be possible to run there
  • Before summer nationals but nothing concrete (possibly May-June). Possibly May 19th/20th timeframe



  • June 23rd voting completes 11:59 closes
  • June 13th voting starts (opens at midnight)
  • Nominations should close May 13th to allow for bios and such
  • Use MN Open to push
  • Nominations are currently open but not well publicized

Action Items

  • Eva to write division-wide mailer for nominations

Next Meeting

Saturday March 31st at 2 PM

Agenda: Code of conduct/mailers/election updates/ MN HS Assoc/Benford money @Turtle Bread (by CBA)

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